Hungry Box

Logo Design, Brand  & Identity, Packaging Design

Feel Hungry?  Feel Hungry and you will remember Hungry Box.

We received a message from Hungry Box that they want Designfinitiez help them to build a brand and image for their business. Basically, Hungry Box is a cafe that sell coffee and delicious food.

Sandwiches, cake, bread, macaroon, coffee is their specialty. They have a very nice product. But the problem is, how they want to present themself to their customer?


Working Station - Premade Scene 3 - Hungry Box

About this project

After team Designfinitiez had a long discusion and diagnose, so we understand how we can help them. Our aim is to help them and make their brand and business grow more.

Make their customer remember and trust with their brand. To make their brand being trusted and remember, strategy and research must be done.

So, after Designfinitiez know more about Hungry Box customer and their target customer, we come out suggest them with a combination concept.

We combine the concept and element of hipster, classic, minimalist and elegant. We apply the natural color in their brand appearance. Mostly, we will use white, brown, black charcoal and  apricot color in their brand appearance. Designfinitiez also help them to build up their packaging for their product.

We are happy can help Hungry Box improve their brand appearance. Their customer also love their new look.