Rajawali Scarf

Logo Design, Branding, Packaging, Product Design
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Rajawali is new brand in fashion and scarf industry. They want to develop their own product and brand.

Their focus more on selling scarf for women. So, the owner contact Designfinitiez team and ask to setting time for discussion. A lot of discussion and meeting session is going through because we want the best result fot their business.


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About this project

Before we come out with the product, we research and brainstorm about the target market, interest, concept and many other aspects.

The concept for Rajawali scarf is more on to flower pattern. We use many types of beautiful flower pattern to apply on Rajawali scarf.

The scarf color concept is more to pastel and soft color. Such as, soft pink, peach, baby blue, soft green and many else.

The design for scarf batch one is done and Designfinitiez manage to do is over client expectation and they very satisfied with it. Right now, Designfinitiez is on going designing scarf for second batch.