Burger Bunohan

Brand Identity, Printing

At 3.00 pm we received a message from a client. He is the founder for Bunohan Burger.

He want to build a brand for his burger restaurant.

This is a startup business and he want to create an unique and attractive image for his brand.

So, we setup a meeting for a further discussion. To understand more and give an idea and a solution.

Bunuhan mockup
Bunohan Apron-mockup
Bunohan T-Shirt Mock-Up Front

The Concept

The concept is thriller.

For theĀ  first time, we are a bit shocked with the concept that he want. A bit rare from others.

So, we take this as a challenge. Something that is fresh, creative and unique.

The owner want to apply the thriller theme because he love to read thriller book.

So, based on his interest, he want to apply this to his brand.

The aim is to make their client feel curious about the brand, plus at the same time feel the element of excitement.